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Videoclip. French Montana lansează „Rushmore Pack”. Versuri aici

Videoclip. French Montana lansează „Rushmore Pack”. Versuri aici
Videoclip. French Montana lansează „Rushmore Pack”. Versuri aici [Sursa foto: Captură YouTube]
French Montana lansează „Rushmore Pack”, melodie extrasă de pe albumul Montega, cel mai nou album lansat de artist.

Săptămâna trecută, French Montana a făcut echipă cu Harry Fraud pentru cel mai recent album al său „Montega”. Albumul are 12 cântece cu contribuții de la Babyface Ray, EST Gee, Rick Ross, Jadakiss, Benny The Butcher, Quavo și alții. Pe 27 iunie, animatorul din South Bronx a eliberat o altă imagine din proiectul „Rushmore Pack”, care vede francezii reflectând asupra vieții de stradă, a soldaților căzuți și multe altele. Montega este lansat după ce artistul a lansat „They Got Amnesia” în noiembrie anul trecut, care conținea 21 de cântece și colaborări alături de Kodak Black, John Legend, Pop Smoke, Lil Durk, Doja Cat, Fivio Foreign, Coi

Leray, 42 Dugg și Ty Dolla $ign. Pe lângă Montega, se spune că French lucrează și la cea de-a cincea ediție a seriei sale Mac & Cheese, „Alcatraz” din May servind ca o gustare a ceea ce se pot aștepta fanii, scrie  

French Montana „Rushmore Pack”. Versuri

As i stand here
And my mind begin to drift back
You know what time it is
To all grey headed lady
When you hear that
You use to watch all over me

you'll hold me and all
Smokin all your rushmore pack
She will begin to talk to the Lord
She will begin to tell the Lord
Smokin all your rushmore pack
Hm- hm- hm yeah

Lies don't faze me
Only surprise when they keep it real
Sixty mils strong last time when they heal
Last time we are in bulkus
Talk your shit
We understand its we the stalkers
Talk your shit
I know its just rap
I may diss this gramina
The Locked up max city tricks

made it complicated
Still sending money
All this zona getting call from
Will you start from the bottom
And no way to fall all from it
Word call lito for this game ain't no exit
I was blessed with
Never do a deal while you're desperate
Sometimes you've to let go of this
Cause if you do you're going to jail
They want you to write in that cell
Devin book with the ain
Be careful who you trust
So unsugar is the same
Boot tang wit does not sick sure stan
And I'll halle-hu my holy water
Made millions of vows
Dropped shawty of all kind
I always say this at the end of the day
Is to be best no matter what you all need
Or what the niggas are doing
When you sing use your top five
All of them will have one thing in common
Less balls

Jayz red mask
Then she call me cross bars
For all the niggas that cross me
You won't with me or you ask me
Feels jumping like a mashpit
Talk your shit
Shawty repping over boxes
Talk your shit
Took cocaine sitting teddy on street
They said even blind man can see in his dreams
They said movement out of moment
They kill you just own it
Black cock feeling like the colour seen with the romans
And you heard the myth coc way boys boost the mudery
Ghost face and ghost face bumping purple take
Won't apologize for how you see through with your eyes
Never judge a book by a Miller Hook
I ain't the Montana from before
I still send your og to the store
You can the chores but you can't buy the culture
Me and for back to back on I told ya

Ha ha ha
Love you till
Just like that
Ha ha ha
Love you till
And that's all folks
Ha ha ha
Love you till
We back at it folks
Ha ha ha
Love you till